How is surveillance useful in shops for retail loss prevention?

Ways Overt or Hidden Camera DVR Systems Deter Shoplifting

1Retail business suffers some its biggest losses due to shoplifting. There are quite a few effective measures against this. One is a very attentive sales staff that will engage every shopper in helpful conversation, making it clear anything anyone does inside the store is noticeable. Another is surveillance, overt and covert, in real time and recorded on a visible or hidden camera DVR.

Just how is surveillance useful in shops for retail loss prevention (RLP)? It is in facilitating the discovery plus arrest of a shoplifter. Whoever is viewing the surveillance cameras can tell the RLP associates where to look. They are non-uniformed security personnel walking around to detect shoplifters covertly. Since an arrest requires eyewitnesses and sufficient proof, it is crucial that they be those eyewitnesses. They must see the act of pocketing an unpaid item in case none of the clerks or customers does.

Having just one CCTV camera is risky. To suffice, the incriminating videos must have shadowed the crime from start to finish, until the shoplifter tries to exit the premises with stolen goods, which is most possible with a complete surveillance system that combines several video cameras with a standalone DVR.

The sight alone of vandal-resistant dome cameras and unobtrusive bullet cameras can frighten a filcher away. To this end, dummy cameras make the system seem bigger and scarier.

Covert cameras are the best for blindsiding shoplifters in high-risk areas, and thieving employees. A thief may think he knows how to avoid all your spy cameras, but would not know about your nanny cams disguised as an “Exit” sign or a wall clock.

Add a recording capability to security cameras you already own, hidden or not, by hooking them up to a 4, 8 or 16-channel embedded DVR. Or buy those with a built-in DVR. Either type can record out of the box, needing no installation.

Unconcealed and hidden camera DVR systems can all benefit greatly from a DVR that does remote surveillance. This lets you see live and recorded videos from wherever you are with Internet connectivity.

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